Netflix called out by anime fans for using AI to address 'labor shortage' -- Feb 05

Netflix Japan has come under fire after claiming to have used artificial intelligence to help create anime programmes.

The platform took to Twitter with the news last week, explaining the choice was due to 'labor shortages'.

But it didn't go down well with anime fans, who are now hitting back at the streaming giant.

The tweet came as the streamer shared the news of the release of an anime short titled Dog and The Boy.

The tweet has since racked up over 2.7 million views.

Just over three minutes long, the short follows the journey of exactly what it says on the tin - a dog and a boy.

With some eye-catching visuals and use of colour, the anime appears to be an impressive piece of work.

However, in the caption, Netflix Japan revealed the short was 'an experimental effort' engineered as means to 'help the anime industry'. ...continue reading