Sharp rise in serious sex offenses in 2022

TOKYO, Feb 06 (MSN) - The number of sexual assault cases in Japan involving violence or threats rose 9.9 percent to 4,708, according to the data released by the National Police Agency.

The data showed that the number of serious sex offenses in 2022 grew sharply than that of the previous year. It also recorded that the cases of forced intercourse climbing 19.3 percent since a 2017 revision in the criminal law changed the definition of the crime and strengthened penalties.

The number of rapes and other types of sexual assault increased for the second straight year. Besides, six serious crimes, including murder and sex-related offenses, grew 8.1 percent to 9,536 cases.

The total number of criminal offenses in Japan in 2022 increased 5.9 percent to 601,389, according to provisional figures released by the agency. ...continue reading

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