Many Japanese students want to wear masks for graduation ceremony, poll finds

TOKYO, Feb 15 (NHK) - A poll carried out by a public junior high school in Kochi City, western Japan, shows that only about 20 percent of third-year students want to take their masks off for their graduation ceremony next month.

The poll was conducted after the education ministry announced the easing of mask-wearing rules at schools following a drop in coronavirus infections. The ministry said students and faculty basically do not need to wear masks for this year's graduation ceremony, except for when they sing together and in other situations.

Joto Junior High School asked its 130 third-year students last week about mask-wearing through a show of hands.

Of the total, 54 percent said they want to keep their masks on, while 23 percent said they want to take them off.

Another 23 percent of the students said they're undecided. ...continue reading

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