Will GaaSyy Continue to Betray Hopes of Those Who Elected Him?

The Japan News -- Feb 23
If a lawmaker continues to be absent from all Diet sessions and shows disrespect for the legislature, it is no surprise for them to face disciplinary action. The NHK Party and GaaSyy, whose real name is Yoshikazu Higashitani, a member of the House of Councillors, must take the discipline seriously.

A plenary session of the upper house passed a disciplinary motion calling for GaaSyy to “apologize in the Diet.” GaaSyy, who won an upper house seat in last year’s election, has never appeared at the Diet.

During the current Diet session, Hidehisa Otsuji, the president of the upper house, issued a letter summoning GaaSyy to attend the Diet session. As he did not respond to the request, the upper house Disciplinary Committee decided on discipline for him. It can be said that the upper house has followed necessary procedures carefully.

GaaSyy had said that the reason for his absence was that he would be falsely arrested and that he had a meeting with foreign dignitaries. At the plenary session where his disciplinary action was decided on, another upper house member from the NHK Party defended GaaSyy, saying that the risk of his unfair detention could not be ruled out. ...continue reading

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