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300 plane passengers end up landing right where they started after seven-hour nightmare journey


TOKYO, Feb 24 (dailymail.co.uk) - Around 300 plane passengers ended up landing right back where they started after a nightmare seven-hour journey in Japan.

Japan Airlines' flight JL331 was due to depart on a two-hour domestic flight from the Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Fukuoka.

But after setting off, the plane was forced to return to Tokyo after a seven-hour round trip saw them almost reach their final destination - only to be told to turn back.

Flight JL331 was due to take off from Haneda at 6.30pm on Sunday, with a scheduled landing of 8.30pm in Fukuoka.

A last-minute plane switch meant that take-off was delayed for 90 minutes, reported NDTV. ...continue reading

Feb 24 (日テレNEWS) - 19日夜8時すぎに羽田空港を出発した日本航空331便が目的地の福岡空港に着陸できず、引き返すという事態が起きました。機体が羽田空港に戻ってきたのは夜中の3時です。“混乱の7時間”を乗客が語りました。  ...continue reading

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