Japanese lawmaker GaaSyy agrees to apologize in Diet session

NHK -- Feb 28
A member of Japan's Upper House who has been skipping Diet sessions has agreed to attend a Diet session for the first time to read out an apology.

GaaSyy, whose real name is Higashitani Yoshikazu, is a YouTuber who won a seat in last July's Upper House election. He has not attended any Diet sessions despite repeated calls for him to do so. He says he resides in the United Arab Emirates.

The lawmaker belongs to the NHK Party, whose platform calls for reforms of the public broadcaster.

Last week, the Upper House agreed to demand an apology in person from GaaSyy in the chamber. The punishment is the third-most serious of four penalties that can be handed down to lawmakers.

Upper House Rules and Administration Committee chairman Ishii Junichi then asked GaaSyy's office if he would comply with the demand and set a Monday 11 a.m. deadline. ...continue reading

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