Marriage ban not LGBTQ discrimination: Japan PM -- Mar 02
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the country’s ban on same-sex marriage is not discriminatory, as constitutional freedom of marriage only envisions heterosexual unions.

Asked by an opposition lawmaker at Tuesday’s parliamentary budget committee meeting if he thinks a same-sex marriage ban constitutes discrimination, Kishida said: “I don’t think disallowing same-sex couples to marry is unjust discrimination by the state.”

His comment sparked criticism from opposition lawmakers and LGBTQ rights advocates, who questioned whether Kishida was backpedaling to show consideration to members of his party who oppose sexual diversity.

After meeting with LGBTQ representatives last month, Kishida said that he “strongly felt the need for discussion,” adding that he would consider the voices of the people and in parliament, as well as rulings in several ongoing lawsuits and measures in local municipalities.

Kishida yesterday repeated his position that a same-sex marriage ban “is not unconstitutional” and denied that he is prejudiced. ...continue reading

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