Japan foreign minister skips G-20, putting parliament first


TOKYO, Mar 02 (Nikkei) - Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi is not attending the two-day Group of 20 foreign ministers' meeting that began in India on Wednesday, instead prioritizing budgetary hearings in parliament.

This is the first time Japan's top diplomat skips the meeting since it became a regular event in 2017. His absence could potentially undermine Japan's international standing in a critical year, when it holds the Group of Seven presidency. ...continue reading

Mar 02 (日テレNEWS) - 林外相が国会対応のため、G20外相会合を欠席したことについて、国内外で批判が噴出しています。野党は「53秒の答弁のため、国益を損ねた」と批判。自民党内からも「調整不足」との声が上がり、インドの主要メディアは、「日本の信じられない対応にインド衝撃」との見出しで報じました。  ...continue reading

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