Court upholds 15-yr sentence on woman for starving a friend's son

5歳児餓死事件の控訴審 無罪主張の“ママ友”2審も懲役15年

FUKUOKA, Mar 09 (Kyodo) - A high court upheld on Thursday a sentence of 15 years in prison given to a woman for manipulating a fellow mother to starve her 5-year-old son to death in the southwestern Japan prefecture of Fukuoka in 2020.

In rejecting the appeal by the defendant Emiko Akahori, 50, the Fukuoka High Court supported a lower court ruling that said she psychologically controlled her friend, Rie Ikari, 41, and the two conspired to severely reduce Ikari's son's meals from around August 2019.

By late March 2020, the boy, Shojiro, became severely malnourished and due to insufficient feeding, starved to death on April 18 that year. ...continue reading

Mar 09 ( FBS福岡放送ニュース) - 福岡県篠栗町で3年前、当時5歳の男の子を餓死させたとして、保護責任者遺棄致死などの罪に問われた“ママ友”の控訴審判決が言い渡されました。福岡高等裁判所は9日、懲役15年とした1審判決を支持し、無罪を主張した被告側の控訴を退けました。  ...continue reading

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