Hot spring inn in western Japan searched over alleged poor sanitary practices

「湯替えは年2回」旅館を捜索 福岡 3700倍のレジオネラ属菌

NHK -- Mar 10
Police in Fukuoka Prefecture, western Japan, have searched a traditional Japanese inn over suspected poor sanitary practices for its hot spring bath.

About 20 police officers searched Daimaru Besso in Chikushino City on Friday.

The prefecture filed a criminal complaint on Wednesday over a suspected violation of the public bathhouses law. The prefecture said the inn and its former president had initially given false explanations about how often the water in the inn's main bath was changed.

It was discovered last year that the inn only fully replaced the water twice a year. The prefecture's regulations require it to be entirely changed at least once a week. It also failed to add chlorine for disinfection. The bathwater was found to contain up to 3,700 times the permitted level of legionella bacteria. ...continue reading

Mar 10 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 大浴場の衛生管理を怠ったとして福岡県から刑事告発された筑紫野市の「大丸別荘」に10日朝、警察が家宅捜索に入った。  ...continue reading

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