Mother arrested for abandoning baby in locker

NOJ -- Mar 21

Police have arrested a 33-year-old mother on suspicion of abandoning the corpse of a baby in a coin locker at a station in Osaka.

The mother is suspected of putting the body of a newborn girl in a bag and abandoning it in a coin locker near Hankyu Juso Station in Osaka City in January.

After the bag was collected by a coin locker management company, it was stored in a warehouse in Osaka for about a month, and on the 16th of this month, an employee checked the inside of the bag and discovered the body.

The umbilical cord was reportedly still attached to the body.

According to police, Taniguchi is believed to have given birth to a baby on the street after purchasing a bag at a mass retailer in Osaka.

Taniguchi admitted to the investigation, "I had no intention of raising the baby because I had no money and I didn't know who the father was."

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