Hideki Tojo - The Face of Japan Militarism in WWII

Biographics -- Mar 24
Allied propaganda posters during World War II frequently featured the characters of the three axis leaders: the German one with the moustache, the big jawed Italian and the stern bespect Japanese General.

The association was intended to portray the latter as the Japanese equivalent of the other two totalitarian leaders. In reality prime minister, war minister, and army Chief of Staff Hideki Tojo was never an absolute ruler.

Even though he concentrated considerable political and military power into his hands, his was never a dictator. His authority was always subordinate to Emperor Hirohito and he was frequently undermined by political opponents.

Nonetheless, his responsibility in initiating the second Sino-Japanese war and extending World War II to the Pacific Theater is unquestionable.

As head of both the Japanese government and the Japanese military he would ultimately be accountable for the brutal treatment of civilians and prisoners of war. ...continue reading

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