Twin boys fall to death from 7th floor window

NAGOYA, Mar 25 (NOJ / TV Asahi) - Two 2-year-old twin boys fell to their deaths from the 7th floor of their apartment in Nagoya City on Friday, with the possibility that furniture was used to step out of a window.

According to investigative sources, the mother said, "They disappeared when I took my eyes off them." The children were found dead at 4pm on Friday.

Experts advise to be especially careful this time of year when the weather is moderate. Three people died in Chiba and Osaka in November last year. According to the Tokyo Fire Department, 62 people have been transported by ambulance in five years.

The Director of Safe Kids Japan said, "If there is a sofa or bed under a window, it is especially easy for children to gain access," adding that, "It is important to keep windows locked and make sure there is nothing that can be used as a steppiong stone onto a balcony." ...continue reading

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