Kiribayama beats Daieisho in playoff to claim Spring sumo tourney

OSAKA, Mar 26 (Kyodo) - New sekiwake Kiribayama came from behind to win the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday, beating overnight leader Daieisho in the final regulation bout and again in a sudden-death tiebreaker.

Trailing komusubi Daieisho by one win coming into the final day at Edion Arena Osaka, the Mongolian sekiwake prevailed in their scheduled meeting to create a 12-3 deadlock in the title race and force the tiebreaking match.

Daieisho started their first bout strongly, pushing and thrusting Kiribayama back to the edge. But as the komusubi looked to deliver a final push, Kiribayama slipped to the side and pulled off the reversal with a thrust down. ...continue reading