Search continues for missing crew member in Kyoto boat capsizing

KYOTO, Mar 30 (NHK) - Police and firefighters continued their search on Wednesday for a crew member of a boat that capsized in a river in Kyoto Prefecture.

The boat was carrying 25 passengers and four crew members when it tipped over in the Hozu River on Tuesday. Investigators say all passengers were rescued. One crew member died.

The popular scenic cruise offers a 90-minute experience along a narrow valley between Kameoka City and Arashiyama in Kyoto City, a famous tourist destination. The 16-kilometer course features views of cherry blossoms in spring and vivid foliage in autumn.

The trip attracts 300,000 tourists a year.

On Wednesday, a senior official from the operating company revealed what happened, according to interviews with two crew members.

He said the crew member steering at the rear of the boat missed the water with the rudder, lost his balance and fell overboard. The boat then hit rocks and flipped over. ...continue reading

Mar 30 (ANNnewsCH) - 京都府亀岡市で「保津川下り」の船が転覆した事故で、行方不明になっている船頭の捜索が30日も続いています。  ...continue reading