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Japan coffee shop serves joy in form of 3D latte art

TOKYO, May 04 (Asia News) - Two-dimensional latte art has become commonplace at coffee shops and on Instagram. However, 3D latte art, with its cute little animals or exciting scenery, is still an interesting experience for many coffee fans.

Three-dimensional latte art, which is made by topping milk foam onto a cup of coffee or tea, has gained popularity as it makes it appear as if small bubbly creatures have popped out of the cup.

Kohei Matsuno, a 33-year-old latte artist, creates 3D latte art for his customers if they request it with their latte or milk tea at Hatcoffee, his coffee shop in Taito Ward, Tokyo. He said many customers have asked for images of dog, cats or their favorite singer.

Two-dimensional latte art is made by pouring steamed milk onto the surface of an espresso to draw various designs. However, 3D latte art requires milk foam. ...continue reading

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