Japan weather bureau: 80 percent chance of El Nino by northern hemisphere summer

TOKYO, May 13 (Reuters) - Japan's weather bureau said on Friday that conditions were nearing for the El Nino phenomenon to form in the equatorial region of the Pacific, and that there was an 80 percent chance that it would be seen by the northern hemisphere summer.

El Nino is accompanied by high air pressure in the western Pacific and low air pressure in the eastern Pacific. El Nino phases are known to last close to four years; however, records demonstrate that the cycles have lasted between two and seven years... Wikipedia

May 13 (ANNnewsCH) - 気象庁は12日、世界中で異常な天候を引き起こす要因とされる「エルニーニョ現象」がこの夏までに発生する可能性が高いと発表しました。規模の大きいエルニーニョになる恐れもあるということです。  ...continue reading