Bear attack on angler suspected after human head found at lake in Hokkaido

HOKKAIDO, May 16 (Japan Today) - Police are searching for an angler who went missing at a lake in Hokkaido, suspecting he may have been attacked by a bear after a human head was found in the area Monday, they said.

According to the police, a boat dropped off Toshihiro Nishikawa, 54, to fish unaccompanied at a spot on Lake Shumarinai in Horokanai early Sunday. An employee of the boat operator later saw a bear nearby with waders dangling from its mouth and attempted to call Nishikawa, but could not reach him.

The information prompted the town office to launch a bear hunt operation and a member of the group killed one on Monday afternoon, according to a town official.

A human head was also discovered during the operation. ...continue reading

May 16 (日テレNEWS) - 北海道幌加内町の湖で釣りをしていた男性が行方不明となっていましたが、15日午後、その周辺でハンターが体長約1.5メートルのクマ1頭を駆除したことがわかりました。また、周辺で遺体の一部のようなものが見つかりました。  ...continue reading