US President Biden's near-stumble at G7 Summit raises eyebrows -- May 20

A confused-looking US President Biden had to be gently guided by Japanese leader Fumio Kishida on Friday — before tripping and almost falling down some stairs.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden appeared perplexed as Japanese leader Fumio Kishida provided gentle guidance to prevent any missteps, reported NY Post. While making his way down a flight of stairs, the President stumbled, narrowly avoiding a fall. Being the oldest-ever US president, he relied on the support of First Lady Jill Biden, who held his hand and led him towards a photo opportunity with the Japanese counterpart and his spouse in Hiroshima, prior to the G7 summit held in the city.

Following the handshake with Kishida, President Joe Biden, aged 80, directed his focus towards Yuko Kishida, the 58-year-old wife of the prime minister. In an unusual manner, he slightly bent over, with his fists clenched, reminiscent of a boxer's pose, before proceeding to shake her hand as well.

65-years-old Kishida took charge of guiding the US dignitaries to their designated positions for the photo session. Sensing President Biden's uncertainty, he politely intervened, assisting Biden in finding his place. The president shuffled slowly and appeared perplexed, glancing at the ground for guidance. ...continue reading