Weak Boy Gets Humiliated Until He Reveals He's A Legendary Magician

Anime Explained -- May 20

In this magical academy for witches and wizards, there is a commotion as Saybil (Say-Beel) the worst-ranking student is summoned to the headmaster’s office.

As he reaches the office he sees Loux (rhymes with ‘looks’) a 300-year-old witch jumping around and demanding the headmaster to open the door. When Loux sees him, she asks him to open the door but Saybil refuses. So, Loux turns her staff into a blade and threatens him. Just then, a beast-fallen, which is a half-human half-beast creature, comes to protect Saybil. His name is Holdem (like saying ‘hold them’) and he knocks down Loux’s staff. Saybil goes to pick it up but Holdem pushes him away, as that could result in his death. Loux’s staff, Ludens is a witch killer that sucks the magic out of anyone who touches it.