Haneda Airport to reopen Terminal 2 area for international flights

TOKYO, May 23 (NHK) - Tokyo's Haneda Airport will reopen an area for international flights in Terminal 2 in July to handle surging demand since Japan eased its entry rules. The part of the terminal had been shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Haneda expanded Terminal 2, which is one of its domestic terminals, in March 2020 to increase the number of take-offs and landings of international flights.

But the pandemic forced airport authorities to close the area only two weeks after it began operations.

International flights currently only fly in or out from Terminal 3. But the airport's operator says the number of international flights has recently increased to 250 on a busy day. That's higher than pre-pandemic levels.

It decided to reopen the part of Terminal 2 on July 19 after consulting with airlines.

But operating hours will be limited for the time being due to factors including a shortage of airport staff to carry out baggage inspections. ...continue reading

May 23 (日テレNEWS) - 2020年に新型コロナの影響で設置から2週間ほどで閉鎖された羽田空港第2ターミナルの国際線エリアが、7月に運用が再開されることになりました。  ...continue reading