Armed man kills woman, 2 police officers, holes up in house in central Japan

NHK -- May 26

A man remains holed up in a residence in the central Japanese prefecture of Nagano after killing a woman and two police officers. Police say the suspect is believed to be a son of the city council's chairperson, who owns the house.

The sequence of events unfolded when police received an emergency call reporting a stabbing incident in Nakano City at around 4:26 p.m. on Thursday.

According to a witness, a man estimated to be around 30 years old dressed in camouflage attire chased a woman and stabbed her back and chest with a knife.

When questioned about his motive, the suspect allegedly told the witness that he wanted to kill the victim. Subsequently, he walked away from the scene.

When police arrived, the suspect returned to the site. Armed with a shotgun, he reportedly fired two shots at the driver's side window of a police car. The witness says two police officers were shot inside the car.

Police say the woman and the two officers were later confirmed dead. A fourth person was injured in the incident, but he has not been rescued from the scene. ...continue reading

May 26 (ANNnewsCH) - 長野県中野市で25日、男が女性1人をナイフで刺したうえ、警察官2人に猟銃を発砲し、住宅に立てこもりました。男は迷彩服の上下を着ていて、迷彩柄の帽子をかぶり、サングラスにマスク姿だということです。  ...continue reading