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Heavy rains pound wide areas of Japan

NHK -- Jun 03
Heavy rain continued from Friday through Saturday morning, bringing record rainfall to several parts of Japan. The Meteorological Agency is calling on people to remain on the alert for landslides and swollen rivers.

Police in the central prefecture of Aichi say a man was found on Friday in a submerged car. He was later confirmed dead.

At least two people are missing in the western prefecture of Wakayama. One was swept away on a flooded road. The other was caught in a swollen river. There are also multiple reports of injuries nationwide.

Tropical storm Mawar has intensified the rains. One man was hospitalized after a landslide struck in a suburb of Tokyo early on Saturday.

Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train services have resumed from Saturday noon.

Most flights will return to normal operations on Saturday.

The heavy rain has passed its peak in many areas, but it has loosened the ground and raised the water levels of rivers in many places.

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