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Shogi star Fujii Sota at 20 becomes youngest player to win Meijin title

藤井聡太六冠 渡辺明名人に勝利 史上最年少“名人”&“七冠”達成

NHK -- Jun 02
Twenty-year-old shogi sensation Fujii Sota has become the youngest player to win the Meijin title, the oldest of the eight major titles in the Japanese board game.

He has also become only the second player in Japan's shogi history to hold seven major titles.

Fujii defeated defending champion Watanabe Akira in the fifth match on Thursday of the best-of-seven title series.

The second day of the match in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, began with Fujii playing his sealed move, resuming from where the two left off the prior day.

Both started aggressively. In the afternoon, they spent more than 1 hour each contemplating their next moves.

Fujii gradually drove the defending champion into a corner, and Watanabe conceded after the 94th move. ...continue reading

Jun 02 (ANNnewsCH) - 将棋の名人戦第5局で1日午後、藤井聡太六冠が渡辺明名人に勝利して史上最年少、20歳での名人獲得、史上2人目の七冠となりました。  ...continue reading

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