4 arrested over man’s death after street fight in Fukuoka

FUKUOKA, Jun 05 (Japan Today) - Police in Fukuoka said Sunday they have arrested four men over the death of a 43 year-old-man after a fight between several people on Saturday.

A witness called police at around 12:50 a.m. Saturday and said a group of men were arguing on a street about 800 meters from JR Nata Station in Higashi Ward and that one man appeared to have been stabbed, Kyodo News reported. When police arrived, some of the group had left, while others remained with the victim who was on the ground, bleeding from several knife wounds.

The victim, Ryuya Isayama, of unknown occupation, was taken to hospital where he died about one hour later. A blood-stained knife was found near the scene. ...continue reading

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