Japan's 1st lunar lander unveiled to media

NHK -- Jun 05
Japan's space agency has unveiled to the media its first lunar explorer at its space center in Kagoshima Prefecture. The probe is called the Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon, or SLIM.

JAXA's unmanned spacecraft will test precise landing technology on the moon and study its rocks.

The craft is about 2.4 meters high and weighs roughly 200 kilograms.

The probe will use image-recognition technique to help it identify craters and other topographical features. JAXA's goal is to land the spacecraft within one hundred meters of its intended landing point.

The space agency had previously planned to send the SLIM lander on a H2A rocket in May. But the launch has been postponed to August or thereafter due to the failed debut of Japan's new flagship H3 rocket. ...continue reading

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