Japan's government aiming for 30 percent female executives at top companies by 2030

【女性役員の比率】「男女共同参画の重点方針」原案示す 政府

NHK -- Jun 06
The Japanese government announced on Monday a draft policy package for promoting gender equality. It includes a target of having at least 30% female executives at top companies by 2030.

The draft aims to see at least one female board member at Japan's top listed companies by around 2025. These are the companies listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The government is set to urge these companies, through the TSE, to introduce such rules within 2023.

The draft calls for ensuring that male employees are able to take paternal leave. It also calls for creating a system to maintain the income of a family while working shorter hours until their child turns two years old.

Strengthening measures to protect women from sexual assault and other forms of violence from their partners and others is included in the draft, as well as preventing workplace harassment. ...continue reading

Jun 06 (日テレNEWS) - 政府は、東京証券取引所のプライム市場に上場する企業を対象に、女性役員の比率を2030年までに30パーセント以上にするとの目標を定めた、男女共同参画の重点方針の原案を示しました。  ...continue reading

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