Final deliberations on revised immigration law; thousands hold demonstration to oppose bill

入管法改正案 審議大詰め 反対派約4000人が廃案訴え

TOKYO, Jun 08 (NOJ) - As deliberations on the bill to revise the Immigration Control Act reached their final stage in the Diet on Wednesday, about 4,000 opponents staged a demonstration calling for the abolishment of the bill, TV Asahi reports.

The proposed amendment to the Immigration Control Law will limit foreigners to two applications for refugee status, and will include provisions that allow forcible deportation to their home countries after the third application.

Jun 08 (ANNnewsCH) - 出入国管理法の改正案に関する審議が国会で大詰めを迎えるなか、反対派約4000人が廃案を訴えるデモを行いました。  ...continue reading

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