Japan clamps down on tech patents in 25 fields

postguam.com -- Jun 10
The government plans to block the public disclosure of technology patents in 25 fields as part of economic security measures, it has been learned.

The fields include technologies related to aircraft stealth equipment and hypersonic flight, which is five times faster than the speed of sound.

The patent protection measure has been included in a draft proposal based on the economic security promotion law, which was passed in May last year.

Patents are currently made public 18 months after they are filed, in principle. Under the economic security promotion law, the public disclosure of patents can be blocked if they involve technologies designated for protection.

According to the draft, inventions whose exposure is highly likely to harm the security of the nation and its people will be designated for protection. Fifteen fields, including stealth technology and weapons-related technology for drones and autonomous vehicles, will receive specific attention.

Ten other fields, including scramjet and solid-fuel rocket engine technologies that can be used for hypersonic flight, will be protected only if the technologies are for defense purposes or were commissioned by the government. ...continue reading

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