China set to open group tours to Japan

TOKYO, Aug 10 (News On Japan) - Travel groups from China will soon be allowed to enter Japan, with the Chinese Embassy informing Japan's Foreign Ministry in writing on Wednesday that it would permit group travel starting Thursday, sources said.

The Chinese government had gradually lifted the ban on group travel by Chinese citizens to overseas destinations since February of this year, expanding the list of countries eligible for such travel, although Japan was not initially included in the list.

In 2019, Chinese tourists accounted for approximately 30 percent of Japan's inbound tourism, contributing to the revitalization of the tourism industry. However, concerns have been raised about labor shortages, particularly in hotels. If there is a rapid increase in group tourists, it is likely to pose challenges in terms of managing the influx.

Aug 10 (TBS NEWS) - 新型コロナの感染拡大後に停止していた中国人の日本への団体旅行について、中国政府がきょうから解禁する方針を日本政府に伝達していたことが分かりました。  ...continue reading