Cyclist arrested for promising teen driver forgiveness if she 'makes amends physically'

TOKYO, Aug 21 (News On Japan) - A 50-year-old Tokyo man has been arrested after he coerced a teen-age driver into sex as "payback" after she damaged his bicycle in a collision.

Eiji Enomoto, 50, of Nerima-ku, was arrested for indecent assault.

Police allege that Enomoto coerced the woman into indecent acts by demanding that she have sex with him in lieu of paying for damage to his bicycle, which he had run into her car.

Enomoto admits to the allegations.

Police said that Enomoto’s bicycle and the woman’s car collided in the early hours of July 29. Enomoto initially told the woman that he was fine and they parted, but he rode after her and began to demand restitution.

“You’ve broken the basket on my bike. How are you going to repay it? Pay with your body and we’ll call it quits,” the Metropolitan Police Department quoted the suspect as telling the woman.

Police said that Enomoto then took the woman to a nearby parking lot and performed indecent acts on her.