Training to counter anti-whaling protestors ahead of traditional hunt in Taiji

TOKYO, Aug 25 (News On Japan) - In anticipation of the resumption of traditional whale and dolphin hunts in Wakayama, the Maritime Safety Agency has been conducted training to thwart anti-whaling groups.

In Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture, training was conducted to address potential interference activities by anti-whaling groups, including using drones to manage restricted areas and tracking boats engaged in disruptive actions such as throwing projectiles.

Although the traditional hunt will be resumed on September 1st in Taiji Town, since the release of a critical film about the fishing practices in 2009, it has faced interference from anti-whaling groups.

It is expected that groups from overseas will also come this year, and the Maritime Safety Headquarters plans to continue monitoring activities by stationing personnel until March of next year.