Day in the Life of a Japanese Train Conductor

Paolo fromTOKYO -- Aug 28

This is the typical day working in Japan for a train railway conductor or Japanese electric railway company. We go inside their workplace to see Japanese work culture as they all work as a team to run the train line together in the small tranquil town of Choshi in Japan.

Takaiya works as a train conductor at Choshi Den-tetsu, AKA Choshi Electric Railway, transporting passengers for 100 years now from Choshi station to Tokawa station, a 10 station 6.4km (4 Mile) stretch located on the easternmost tip of Chiba right on the oceanside. The headquarters is here, at Nakanocho station, where a total of 60 workers proudly and safely keep the train line running each and every day. We follow Takaya from his morning routine in Japan all the way through to his work day.