183 teams participate in Nagoya dance festival

NAGOYA, Aug 28 (News On Japan) - Nagoya's "Nippon Domannaka Festival," one of the largest team dance events in the region, locally referred to as "domatsuri," was held over the weekend in 15 venues around the city, with participation from 183 teams from both within Japan and overseas.

This year, after a four-year hiatus, the festival was back to its regular schedule, filling the city with excitement. The main stage's seating capacity was increased by 300 seats to accommodate 1000 viewers, and the practice of yelling out during performances, which was prohibited during Covid19, was back in action.

Aug 28 (東海テレビ NEWS ONE) - 名古屋の踊りの祭典「にっぽんど真ん中祭り」は2日目を迎え、名古屋の中心部は熱気に包まれています。  ...continue reading