Elementary school teacher secretly films students to 'see their undies'

OSAKA, Aug 31 (News On Japan) - A 25-year-old male teacher at an elementary school in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, has been dismissed from his position for secretly filming his female students, with a desire to see their underwear.

According to authorities in Osaka Prefecture, the male teacher reportedly filmed multiple female students inside the classroom, including before swimming lessons, in June of this year.

The female students noticed the camera and reported the incident to the school. In response to inquiries by prefectural officials, the male teacher confessing to having filmed his students over ten times and expressing a desire to see their underwear.

A pen-shaped camera and other related items were also discovered at the teacher's house, prompting the police to conduct further investigations.

Aug 31 () - 大阪府高槻市の小学校の講師が、担任をしているクラスの女子児童を盗撮したとして、懲戒免職処分となりました。  ...continue reading