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Japan to let startups raise VC funding via digital assets: Nikkei

The proposed regulation would include digital assets among the existing investment options for VC firms targeting emerging crypto startups

blockworks -- Sep 16

Japan is reportedly preparing to allow startups to raise fresh funding from venture capital firms through the sale of digital assets.

According to a report by Nikkei on Friday, the plan from the Japanese government is expected to be submitted to parliament as early as next year. Blockworks has reached out for further confirmation.

Traditionally, the VC environment in Japan has been seen as conservative compared to more aggressive markets like Silicon Valley. Regulations have been viewed as stringent and the investment scene risk-averse.

Limited partnerships, the common vehicle for VC investment in Japan, are generally restricted to more conventional assets.

The new rule would add digital assets to a list of investment avenues available to those firms looking to put money into budding crypto startups, including stock options and securities.

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