Police inspector sentenced to 13 years jail for multiple sexual assaults

TOKYO, Sep 27 (News On Japan) - The Chiba District Court has handed down a 13-year prison sentence to a former police inspector who was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and other crimes against several women.

The defendant, former Chiba Prefecture Police Inspector Makoto Okada (46), was accused of sexually assaulting three women in Chiba Prefecture from 2014 to August of last year, as well as secretly filming three other women.

In previous court proceedings, the prosecution had sought a 17-year prison term.

In its verdict on Sep 27, the Chiba District Court pointed out that the defendant held a position where strict adherence to the law was strongly expected, yet had betrayed those expectations, causing significant impact on society. The court also noted that the extent of psychological suffering endured by the victims was immeasurable and ongoing. As a result, the court handed down a 13-year prison sentence.

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