TEPCO to start second round of treated water release on Oct. 5

NHK -- Sep 29

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it will start the second round of the release of treated and diluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean on October 5.

The operator of the damaged plant announced the plan on Thursday.

TEPCO says it made the decision about the schedule after examining the facilities for the release and the results of the first round of discharge and found no problems or reasons to change the procedure.

The first round started on August 24 and ended on September 11. TEPCO says a total of 7,788 tons of treated water kept in 10 tanks at the plant's compound was diluted and released without any trouble.

Since the release started, seawater samples taken at 10 points within 3 kilometers from the plant have been tested every day.

Results show the highest concentration of tritium has been 10 becquerels per liter. This is far below 700 becquerels per liter, the level set for the utility to suspend the release.

In the second round, the utility plans to discharge about 7,800 tons over 17 days. ...continue reading