Tokyo principal arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting student

TOKYO, Sep 30 (NHK) - Tokyo police have served a fresh arrest warrant to a principal of a public junior high school on suspicion of sexually assaulting a student at his previous workplace.

Kitamura Hisayoshi heads a school in Tokyo's Nerima Ward. The 55-year-old was recently arrested for allegedly possessing obscene images of a female student, violating Japan's law banning child pornography.

Police found multiple obscene images and videos of Kitamura touching girls when they searched the suspect's home and workplace.

Investigators suspect that, at the school where he used to work, Kitamura summoned a student, saying he would give her a massage.

He allegedly took advantage of his position as a teacher to intimidate the student into not resisting. He is suspected of sexually assaulting the girl and injuring her.

Kitamura told investigators he fell in love with the student and could not suppress his sexual desires.

Police are looking into reports from other possible victims.

Sep 30 () - 東京・練馬区の中学校の校長が過去の勤務先の女子生徒のわいせつ画像を所持していたとして逮捕された事件で、別の女子生徒に乱暴してけがをさせたとして再逮捕されました。  ...continue reading