Tokyo's rail loop partially shut down over the weekend

TOKYO, Nov 17 (News On Japan) - Construction on the final upgrade for JR Shibuya Station will begin after the last train on Friday night, suspending services on the Yamanote Line between Osaki Station to Ikebukuro Station until first train on Monday morning.

Shibuya Station will undergo track switching construction work, which started in 2014, completing the fifth and final track switching operation.

Construction will involve raising the tracks and platforms of the Yamanote Line to secure the height of the station's passageways, according to JR East.

Due to this construction, the Yamanote Line will suspend all trains for the entire day on the 18th from Osaki Station to Ikebukuro Station on the outer loop, and on the 19th from Ikebukuro Station to Osaki Station on the inner loop.

Additionally, the number of trains will be significantly reduced in other sections.

Normal operations will resume with the first train on Monday morning, Nov 20.

Nov 17 (ANNnewsCH) - 東京のJR渋谷駅では、17日の終電後から線路の切り替え工事を行います。その影響で、山手線がこの18日・19日に一部区間で終日運休となります。  ...continue reading