Life-size Gundam statue in Japan can now move, and it looks incredible
Sora News -- Sep 22
Last month residents of Yokohama, as well as anime fans around the globe, were thrilled to get their first glimpse of the life-size RX-78 Gundam anime mecha standing in the city’s bayside district, roughly 45 minutes south of Tokyo. But even that was just a precursor to the real excitement.

See, while Japan has had other full-scale Gundam statues, Yokohama’s is the first that will be able to move, and it just so happens that Japanese Twitter user @nansei2 was in the area during a recent test and recorded this amazing video of the mobile suit in motion.

While the movement is slow (being careful is a good thing when moving around a 25-metric ton [55,500-pound] robot), Gundam’s movement is impressively smooth, giving it the proper feel of a high-tech anime mech, not a piece of factory equipment. Other cool things the mobile suit is capable of include moving its arms and fingers…

News sources: Sora News