Foreign Olympians can compete even in quarantine
NHK -- Sep 24
A Japanese government panel has approved a plan to allow foreign athletes to compete in next year's Tokyo Games even while in a 2-week coronavirus quarantine period.

Officials from the central and Tokyo Metropolitan governments and the organizing committee on Wednesday discussed how to welcome athletes from other countries for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The central government proposed creating a system for allowing in foreign athletes and enabling them to train and compete in the Games even when they are required to self-quarantine.

It said necessary measures against the virus are prerequisite for the system's creation.

They say the measures include requiring athletes to be tested before and upon their arrival in Japan, to travel in Japan by designated vehicles without using public transportation, and to submit their total itineraries in advance.

Officials plan to report those plans at a meeting with International Olympic Committee officials that opens on Thursday.

News sources: NHK