NHK poll: Suga Cabinet approval rate at 62%
NHK -- Sep 24
The latest NHK opinion poll shows that Japan's new Cabinet led by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has an approval rating of 62 percent.

The survey conducted by telephone on Monday and Tuesday targeted 2,214 people. Of those polled, 1,270 people, or 57 percent, responded.

While 62 percent of the respondents said they support the Suga Cabinet that was launched last Wednesday, 13 percent said they do not.

The initial approval rate ranks below that of the Cabinet led by Koizumi Junichiro at 81 percent, and by Hatoyama Yukio at 72 percent. Suga's predecessor Abe Shinzo had about the same level of support when he took office.

Among those who support the Suga Cabinet, 26 percent said it is a better alternative to other possible Cabinets, while 21 percent said they trust Suga, and another 21 percent said they have expectations for its policies.

Among those who disapprove of the Cabinet, 33 percent said they have no expectations for its policies, 16 percent said it is not a Cabinet of the party they support and 14 percent said they do not trust Suga.

Asked whether Suga should carry on the policies of his predecessor, 17 percent said he should, 36 percent said it would be better if he did, 20 percent said it would be better if he did not and 18 percent said he should not.

Asked what they expect most of the Suga Cabinet, 25 percent of respondents said measures to deal with the coronavirus, 20 percent said economic measures, 17 percent said social security system reform, 14 percent said dispelling public mistrust in politics, 9 percent said deregulation and 7 percent said diplomacy and national security.

Asked when the next general election should be held, 15 percent said before the end of this year, 14 percent said the first half of 2021 and 58 percent said around October next year, when the current Lower House members' term ends.

News sources: NHK