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Scoring with J-League: How "Football Manager 2024" Tailors the RPG Experience for Japanese Players

Developer Interview: The "Football Manager 2024" Experience, Enhanced for Japanese Players and Their Distinct Stories

TOKYO, Jan 15 (News On Japan) - From SEGA, the popular soccer management simulation game "Football Manager 2024" is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Netflix.

On January 12th, the game was also released in physical format for PS5 and Switch. In this article, we bring you an interview with Mr. Miles Jacobson, the studio director of Sports Interactive, the developer of "Football Manager 2024".

The J.League's First Inclusion and the Progress of Japanese Soccer in "Football Manager 2024" – Why did you decide to implement the J.League in the 20th installment of the series?

Ever since we first signed with SEGA 20 years ago, it was a license we always wanted to acquire, and it was a complex journey. We are honored that the J.League agreed to grant us the license, and we are grateful for the cooperation of various people that made it possible to finally obtain it.

When the J.League announcement was made, there was a wave of joy from around the world. Was this reaction expected? What were some of the notable opinions?

We were hoping that everyone would be excited, but the response was beyond our imagination. When we announced the contract and release with the J.League, I was in Japan, so I could share the welcome with my colleagues at SEGA, which was a wonderful moment for me personally. The respect shown to us by Japanese soccer fans will be a lifelong memory, I believe.

With the inclusion of the J.League, is there a trend of strengthening the ability values of Japanese players overall compared to before?

In our data, it is very important that everything is as accurate and realistic as possible. Therefore, we expect to see the same trends in the data as in reality. The world has seen how much Japanese soccer has progressed over the decades, and we don't think it will stop. We look forward to being part of the journey of evolution.

With the introduction of the J.League and support for the Japanese language, many people will be playing "Football Manager" for the first time. What kind of play should beginners keep in mind to get accustomed to the game?

The first thing I would say to new players is, "Welcome to the club!" It's easy to start playing the game, but it takes a long time to master. However, understanding the basics is easy in "Football Manager". Start by finding tactics that suit your players, and take your time to find players that fit the tactics you really want to implement.

Also, there are many people on social networks who are happy to answer any questions, and there is a forum at Don't be shy to ask for help at any time, or make use of the recommendations by the in-game staff.

How many leagues are recommended to be activated for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch respectively?

There is no recommended number, but there is a game speed icon, and the more leagues you add, the fewer stars there are, and the slower the game becomes. As for game speed, preferences differ from person to person, so we respect that all players play the game the way they want.

We have some limitations on the number of national leagues that can be run on each platform, which is based on the overall speed of the device, to ensure that performance does not become so poor that the game cannot be enjoyed.

As modern soccer changes, various adjustments are made. Compared to past works, what is the biggest change in this game?

When making the game, we think of it like a puzzle. Each feature needs to complement the others, so that the whole game can be felt. Therefore, preferences may vary among people.

Personally, I like the new system for selling players and the improvements in lighting and animation that make the football action more vivid. Of course, for many Japanese players, all the features will be seen for the first time. We are honored to be able to deliver our 20 years of work to everyone.

Could you briefly summarize the appeal and key points of this work for the readers of this article?

The world's best soccer database, researched by over 1,500 soccer fans, drives an interactive world of soccer. The only difference between you playing the game and AI play is that you can make the same decisions as the AI, such as transfers, player interactions, tactics, board interactions, training, etc. In other words, you can make decisions both off and on the field, making it a massive soccer management RPG where every story is different.

Source: Dengeki


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