April 15, 2024
A 32-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the theft of a gold tea bowl valued at 10 million yen from Takashimaya department store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

Ippei Mizuhara, the former interpreter accused of illicitly transferring approximately 2.45 billion yen from baseball player Shohei Ohtani's bank account, appeared in court Friday, marking his first public appearance since the scandal broke.

Japan's total population was 124,352,000 as of October 1, 2023, marking a decrease of 595,000 from the previous year, a decline equivalent to losing the entire population of Tottori Prefecture, according to estimates by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

SOCIETY | April 15, 2024
An argument between two passengers on a moving train in Tokyo escalated into a physical altercation, resulting in the pressing of the emergency stop button and causing disarray.

Japan has released a future projection indicating that by the year 2033, the average household size will drop below two persons per household for the first time.

In a significant shift in Japan's family law, the amendment to enable joint custody after divorce has swiftly passed through the House of Representatives' Judicial Committee.

The Emperor and Empress visited a shelter in Ishikawa Prefecture on Friday to provide comfort to the victims of the disaster.

Along Philosopher's Path, Kyoto's renowned cherry blossom viewing spot, flower rafts have formed where fallen petals have blanketed the surface of the waterway.

Landslides continue to wreak havoc in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, blocking major roadways and threatening lives.

The State Guest House in Moto-Akasaka, Tokyo, a venue for numerous diplomatic events, is celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 11. In commemoration, areas previously closed to the public, such as the "West Room," will be specially opened.

In Sangō Town, Nara, an innovative cherry blossom viewing experience combines the serene beauty of full bloom sakura with the thrill of bungee jumping from the Kaiun Bridge.

The MICHELIN Guide Kyoto and Osaka 2024 unveiled on April 9 in Kyoto includes 115 new entries out of a record 440 selected restaurants.

A music video for Otoha's new song "The Parade of Battlers" has been released, serving as the opening theme for the anime "Black Butler: Boarding School Arc," which began airing on April 13.

SAKI, formerly of the metal girls band NEMOPHILA, has announced her full-fledged start as a solo guitarist for Like-en-Angel, a cover band of L'Arc~en~Ciel led by tetsuya.

The trailer for Episode 1 "The Journey" of the anime series "Ryuzoku - The Blazing Dawn" has been released, Minfei learns about Cassel Academy's true purpose from Professor Jurgen.

The official trailer and scene photos have been released for the simultaneous limited-time screening of "King Ohger VS Donbrothers" and "King Ohger VS Kyoryuger," starting April 26.

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Miyazaki Prefecture's famed fully ripe mangoes, known as "Taiyo no Tamago" or "Eggs of the Sun," have reached a record-breaking price of 700,000 yen for just two fruits.

At the All-Japan Gymnastics Championships, which also serve as a selection event for the Paris Olympics, 19-year-old ace gymnast Miyata Shoko clinched her first victory in the women's finals.

A research group from Kyoto University has reported that family members of patients with cardiovascular diseases, such as strokes, are at a higher risk of developing depression.

Kyoto City is set to implement a system that allows even non-working parents to place their children in daycare, aiming to enhance the child-rearing environment.

BUSINESS | April 15, 2024
Nippon Steel's proposal to acquire American steel giant U.S. Steel has been approved at a special shareholders' meeting, with the focus now shifting to regulatory reviews for finalization.

A groundbreaking platform has been launched in the metaverse, allowing companies and individual creators to open virtual stores.

The first auction of the new tea season took place at the Shizuoka Tea Market in Shizuoka City, with the highest bid reaching over 1.11 million yen per kilogram.

Fast Retailing, the company behind Uniqlo, reported record half-year sales for the period ending in February this year, buoyed by strong overseas performance in Europe and America, with revenues exceeding 1.59 trillion yen.

Panasonic has announced its full-scale entry into the second-hand home appliances business, a move driven by rising prices and a growing thrift-conscious consumer base. Here's a closer look at the initiative.