The main outlet of Tokyu Department Store Company in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward closed for good on Tuesday after 55 years in business due to a redevelopment project. (NHK)
Japanese consumers will face another wave of food price hikes in February, the largest since October last year, a survey showed on Tuesday. (Japan Times)
Shotaro Kishida, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s eldest son and his executive secretary, is in the hot seat over media reports that he went shopping and sightseeing in Europe, Canada and the U.S. using official vehicles when he accompanied the prime minister to those places in January. (Japan Times)
Kyle Smaine along with an unnamed Austrian has died after a tragic avalanche on the Hakuba Norikura mountain of Japan (
01 February 2023
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Jan 30

Japanese language quirk made charges ambiguous, but he probably didn't help his case by clearing that up.

On Tuesday night, a criminal incident occurred in the town of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture. A mountain resort famed for its beautiful natural ...

Jan 29

When visiting Japan for the first time, you're bound to encounter things you're not used to, and that's all part of the fun!

But whether it's being bowed to instead of shaking hands or being given a dish you didn't order, there are some things to ...

Jan 28
If lunchboxes that you eat on a train don't sound unique or exciting, then you haven't had an ekiben while traveling 300 kph on the Shinkansen. Ekiben ? the combination of the Japanese words eki (train station) and bento (lunchbox) ? have been ar...
Jan 27

Investigating the underbelly of Tokyo in one of its most notorious districts.

Kabukicho in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward is famous for being the real-world inspiration for Kamurocho, the notoriously sketchy yakuza ?hood from the Yakuza video game series...

Jan 26
In the blink of an eye, the first month of the year is over. We hope that 2023 has been good to you Cheapos so far, and if you made a New Year's resolution to go out and explore the city, here's your handy guide to Tokyo's events in February. Keep...