Japan, the U.K. and Italy have agreed to jointly develop next-generation fighter aircraft by 2035, the three countries announced on Friday, a collaborative effort that reflects the need to respond together to growing geopolitical threats from the likes of China and Russia. (Nikkei)
Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa said Friday K-pop artist Top and American DJ Steve Aoki will be among the eight crew members who will join him on a private space trip to orbit the Moon in 2023. (Kyodo)
In 2011, the Japanese prefectural governments passed Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinances which prohibit companies from doing business with members of organized crime groups. (soranews24.com)
A public park in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, is set to be shut down this month following complaints about noise for years from a single household in the neighborhood. (NHK)
10 December 2022
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Policy seeks to protect female passengers from gropers.

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