As Japan strains to control its galloping coronavirus outbreak, and to keep an Olympic bubble from bursting in the final days of the Games, the government is trying a new tactic: public shaming. (
In a rarely seen phenomenon in the simian world, a nine-year-old female known as Yakei has become the boss of a 677-strong troop of Japanese macaque monkeys at a nature reserve on the island of Kyushu in Japan. (
In the final Olympic men's gymnastics contest, the host nation's Hashimoto Daiki took his second gold of the Games. (NHK)
A Belarusian sprinter who refused to return home from the Tokyo Olympics has told the Associated Press that officials from her country made it clear that she would face punishment if she did so. (NHK)
04 August 2021
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Aug 4

One of those times when an English mistake ends up expressing everyone's true feelings.

In Japan, everyday appliances like rice cookers and coffee dispensers don't usually come with English instructions, which can make them difficult for firs...

Aug 4

Sega Ikebukuro GiGO has been a landmark since the ‘90s' golden era of Japanese arcades.

Last year, video game fans and Akihabara historians were saddened by the announcement that Sega was closing its Sega Akihabara Building 2 arcade. Now, e...

Aug 2

We check out the Tokyo 2020 official beat music being played at four special locations.

After a long and scandal-ridden lead-up to the Tokyo Olympics, the 2020 Games are finally underway in the capital, and even though locals aren't able to a...

Aug 2

Summer in Japan is brutal! The high temperature combined with the unrelenting humidity make some people believe that summer is one of the worst times to visit Japan. However, not everything is that bad. Summer can also be a great time to enjoy the...

Aug 1

Ken Shimura put Higashimurayama on the map, and now Higashimurayama has put up a statue of him.

Like a number of other train stations in Japan, Tokyo's Higashimurayama Station has a special chime that plays on its platform when trains are arrivi...