February 28, 2024
Honda has unveiled a next-generation eco car that uses hydrogen as fuel and can also be charged from a household outlet.

To support residents struggling with the rising cost of living, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has indicated its plan to distribute 10,000 yen worth of gift certificates to households exempt from resident tax and others.

The world's largest gold nugget, certified by Guinness World Records, is currently on display in Izu, weighing in at 250 kilograms.

Seven-Eleven has unveiled a new store concept in Japan, signaling a potential shift in the retail landscape where convenience stores could meet all our shopping needs.

SOCIETY | February 28, 2024
In the taxi industry, the rapid increase in female drivers and part-time working moms, coupled with the resurgence of inbound travel and widespread use of taxi apps, has expanded demand and made drivers highly sought after.

A mysterious group blaring loud music that suddenly appeared in an arcade in Osaka, has causing panic among local shoppers, leaving witnesses stunned as the mob spread across the street, shouting and shoving pedestrians aside.

Many women hope to be pursued by men continuously. But what exactly do men look for in women they feel compelled to chase? Let's explore the traits that make men want to pursue women.

Japanese Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako visited the Mori Art Museum on Tuesday evening, admiring an art exhibition that focuses on contemporary art addressing environmental issues.

The Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture, known as a wintering spot for swans, has witnessed the start of the swans' "northward migration" about three weeks earlier than usual. The birds are leaving for their breeding grounds in Russia and other locations.

Hankyu Railways announced on the 26th that it will introduce a reserved seating service on the Kyoto Line starting this July.

Visiting Japan is on a lot of people’s bucket list due to the culture, the busy city, and sights to see in every direction you turn. It’s a never ending adventure whilst in Japan, and one you could spend forever there and still not visit every location.

Fantasy Springs is the eighth themed area of Tokyo DisneySea, set to open in June

Mimurotoji Temple in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, known for its beautiful flowers, is currently celebrating the peak bloom of approximately 250 weeping plum trees, delighting visitors with the arrival of spring.

Acclaimed Japanese actress Ko Shibasaki is set to star in director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's first self-remake film, the Japanese-French co-production "Serpent's Path," which is scheduled for release on June 14.

The final episode of ABEMA's original program "LOVE CATCHER Japan" aired on January 27th, concluding the series with its eighth episode. Model Press conducted solo interviews with the eight men and women participants, excluding the two who successfully confessed their love to each other as "Love Catchers" and became a mutual match.

In the late-night broadcast of "Ariyoshi Quiz" (TV Asahi) on the 25th, popular comedian Takashi Watanabe from Nishikigoi made an appearance. Watanabe, who is well-versed in adult videos, was shocked to learn about "the other side of filming."

Suspense action film "Hard-Boiled Recipe," featuring singer-songwriter and track maker idol Chiaki Mayumura, is set to be released on April 26th in Tokyo's Cinemart Shinjuku and other theaters nationwide. Along with the trailer, a poster visual by illustrator Yoshihito Sugawara and new still photos have been revealed.

A special screening and talk show was held in Tokyo on Sunday for the first episode of the new MBS drama series "Cinderella Complex," which stars Miku Tanaka and Hiromu Iijima, depicting a steamy affair between a teacher and student.

Seven-Eleven has announced a 10 yen price increase for its in-store brewed coffee.

A taxidermy specimen stored at the National Museum of Nature and Science as "a type of wild dog" has been identified as the now-extinct Japanese wolf. The first to notice that it might be a Japanese wolf was a junior high school student from Tokyo, who, along with experts, conducted research and recently announced their findings.

In the remaining two matches of the first round of the J1 League, a recreation of the opening card of the J.League in 1993 took place between Tokyo Verdy and Yokohama F. Marinos, with F. Marinos securing a come-from-behind victory with a score of 2-1 in the closing stages.

As Japan enters peak pollen season, the battle against cedar pollen allergies intensifies, with questions remaining on the effectiveness of re-planting forests with pollen-free trees.

BUSINESS | February 28, 2024
Commercial broadcasting's official streaming service TVer (ティーバー) has reached a new milestone with its January 2024 monthly video views surpassing 400 million and total app downloads hitting 70 million. The number of monthly users has also reached a record high of 35 million MUB (Monthly Unique Browsers).

Sony Group's gaming subsidiary, Sony Interactive Entertainment, has announced that it will be reducing its workforce by approximately 900 employees, which constitutes about 8% of its total staff.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced that the national consumer price index for January, excluding the volatile prices of fresh food, rose 2.0% compared to January of last year.

Omron Corporation, a major electronics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, has announced plans to cut about 2,000 jobs both domestically and internationally in response to deteriorating performance due to China's economic slowdown. In Japan, the company aims to solicit voluntary retirements for approximately 1,000 employees, which accounts for about 10% of its workforce.

A renowned manufacturer of scarves, highly acclaimed domestically and internationally, has decided to close its doors. Scarves with vertical stripes and bold colors are its hallmark. It even topped sales for five consecutive years at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.