YouTuber Koreaki Rengoku, also known as Kazuaki Sugita (40), has been re-arrested for physically restraining a man while putting him under a 'citizen's arrest', claiming he was a drug addict. (News On Japan)
Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the Russian Embassy has no intention of paying fines for parking violations committed by vehicles with diplomatic plates, which have been avoiding payment under diplomatic privileges. (News On Japan)
The Imperial Household Agency has announced that the New Year's public greeting, scheduled for January 2nd next year, will be held without a lottery system and will return to almost its pre-pandemic state for the first time in four years. (News On Japan)
Japan’s coastguard on Friday scoured the seabed for the wreckage of an Osprey US military aircraft that crashed this week, with still no sign of seven missing airmen. (
02 December 2023
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Chiba combats surging population of muntjacs, surpassing 70,000

The locals in Chiba have a large pest on their hands, the muntjac, an invasive species of the deer family, which have triple in number over the last 10 years following their escape from an abandoned facility.

Footage taken in a residential garden in Ishumi City, Chiba, features a curious muntjac sniffing around and showing interest in the camera.

These animals, considered pests, are becoming increasingly familiar with human presence..... read more