Crypto / AI
This month, the price of Bitcoin, known as a representative cryptocurrency, approached 11 million yen, setting a new all-time high. Among investors, there is much talk about the "big event" that occurs once every four years, expected to take place this weekend.

Japanese businesses are facing a growing problem of new recruits who quit shortly after they join their companies in April, which is at the start of a new business year. (NHK)

As the competition for AI talent intensifies, an office furniture manufacturer has launched a new internship program aimed at recruiting students studying AI and related fields.

OpenAI, the creator of the generative AI "ChatGPT," established its first Asian office in Tokyo on Monday, it's first strategic foothold in the region.

A groundbreaking platform has been launched in the metaverse, allowing companies and individual creators to open virtual stores.

Shueisha and Al jointly launched a new service on Friday, April 12, called MANGA Plus Universe by SHUEISHA, which allows readers from around the world to discuss Shonen Jump+ titles through AI translation.

Prime Minister Kishida, currently visiting the United States, is set to discuss strengthening relations in defense and security.