Crypto / AI
The world of online gambling is no stranger to change. It is always adjusting to include new technology and to accommodate the tastes of players who are continuously experiencing shifts. As we speed toward the year 2024, two significant developments are ready to transform the landscape of online casinos once again.

KDDI and Toyota Motor Corporation announced on the 20th that they have developed a technology that uses AI to analyze and visualize high-risk traffic areas on maps.

As the use of generative AI, like ChatGPT, expands globally, it is bringing changes to our "jobs" and "work styles." Last year, beverage giant Ito En renewed the packaging of one of its products, with the design's original draft created by "generative AI." The woman featured in the commercial was also generated by AI.

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has unveiled a new technology that allows the creation of videos using only text through generative AI.

SoftBank, a leading mobile operator in Japan, and Nvidia, a major American semiconductor company, are poised to establish a new industry group aimed at commercializing technology that distributes AI processing using mobile phone base stations. Approximately 10 companies worldwide, including telecommunications giants Ericsson and Nokia, are set to participate, with the goal of standardizing the technology globally.

Cryptocurrencies have been making waves in various sectors, and the online casino industry is no exception.

Last month, the Akutagawa Prize was awarded to "Tokyo Compassion Tower," making Kudan Rie a topic of global discussion due to her unique acceptance speech, revealing that about 5% of the novel utilized text generated by AI.