The upcoming film "Sleep" features an escalating series of bizarre behaviors from a husband every night, beginning one fateful evening.

During a routine marriage registration, an unexpected and unwelcome reunion occurred when the person submitting the document discovered that the registrar was their ex-boyfriend. (マリマリマリー)

This video focuses on the popular stage tricks known as keren. Although some of them go back to the Genroku period, they are representative of the final stages of the Edo period. (Kabuki In-Depth)

In the corner of a busy office at the NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya, Tokyo, a staffer rearranged books, vinyl records and tchotchkes on a bright red shelving unit. (NPR Music)

Actor Akinori Nakao and actress Ryōsa Nakamura, a married couple, star in a new commercial for a delivery service, which was released on April 15th, the first time in four years that the couple has appeared together on screen.

Aika Miyake, the film editor of "Shogun," the hit TV series airing on the Disney+ streaming platform, says she knew the production was a winner from the moment she started working on the footage. (Nikkei)

The global online gambling industry has enjoyed significant growth and development in recent years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Asia-Pacific region.