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BookLive, the digital book service, has announced the nominees for its third "Magademy Awards 2023," a manga award that honors manga characters. This year's nominees include Hiroshi Tanaka from the 23rd year of the popular series "My Home Afro Tanaka," Maomao from the fall 2023 anime hit "The Apothecary Diaries," Rin Itoshi and Reo Mikage from the popular soccer manga "Blue Lock," and Kirika Kokuryu from the drama-adapted "Trillion Game," among others.

The highly anticipated pre-release promotional video for "Haikyu!! The Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump," set to open on February 16th, has been unveiled. The approximately 90-second video is filled with dynamic and tense scenes that further heighten the excitement for the upcoming film.

"Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League", now available for PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, is set in the world of DC Comics, home to heroes such as Superman and Batman. The main characters of this game are the members of the "Suicide Squad," a special task force of villains coerced into service due to bombs implanted in their heads.

Formerly known as Yakuza outside of Japan, the Like a Dragon series is on a roll.

The pop group Sexy Zone will be performing the opening theme for the upcoming TV anime "Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai (A Condition Called Love)," set to air in April, which tells the story of a first love between a girl who doesn't understand love and a boy whose love is too intense.

Tsuyoshi Domoto of the popular duo KinKi Kids made an appearance on their regular radio program "KinKi Kids Donnan Mon Ya!", where he spoke about the current state of his hearing. "The doctors have told me it won't return," said Domoto, referring to the sudden hearing loss he experienced in 2017.

PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE, a seven-member dance and vocal group under LDH JAPAN, is currently making waves on TikTok with their track "Just Like Dat feat. JP THE WAVY," released on January 19th. The song, produced by JP THE WAVY, a leading solo rapper in Japan's hip-hop scene, features a dynamic beat and a unique sound that blends WAVY's individuality with the characteristic style of LDH.

Actor Tsuyoshi Muro showcased his exceptional communication skills during his appearance on NHK General's travel and variety program "Tsurube's Family Toast," which aired on Monday, charming even the cows.