Sci-Tech | Jan 29

Japan's Lunar Explorer 'SLIM' Restarts Moon Operations

Successful Power Generation and Communication Reset

TOKYO, Jan 29 (News On Japan) - The unmanned lunar lander "SLIM," which had successfully landed on the moon but was initially unable to generate power due to its solar cells not functioning, has now re-established communication with Earth and resumed operations. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)'s official account on X, scientific observations on the lunar surface have already commenced.

The "Smart Lander for Investigating Moon" (SLIM) mission is a significant step forward in Japan's space exploration efforts. The mission's primary goal is to demonstrate precision landing technology, which will be crucial for future forays. Despite the initial setback with the solar cells, the team at JAXA managed to troubleshoot the issue, allowing SLIM to restart its activities.

The successful communication and operation recovery of SLIM is a testament to the resilience and technological expertise of JAXA's engineers and scientists. As the lander begins its scientific observations, it is expected to provide valuable data that will contribute to our understanding of the moon's surface and environment.

The data gathered by SLIM will not only advance scientific knowledge but also pave the way for more ambitious projects, such as manned lunar missions and the development of sustainable lunar bases.

The space community and enthusiasts are keenly following SLIM's progress.

Source: NHK


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