Sci-Tech | Jan 20

Mass Death of Sea Urchins and Octopus... Coastal Uplift Seen by Drone

Ishikawa, Jan 20 (News On Japan) - Eighteen days after the Noto Peninsula earthquake, the upheaval of the coastline, exposing vast swathes of the seabed due to seismic activity, is causing havoc.

In Wajima City's Isoshima Fishing Port, a boat can be seen stranded and tilted, having run aground on the now-elevated seabed.

What used to be underwater near the seawall has risen by approximately two meters.

Drone footage offers a clearer view of the extent of the damage.

According to research by the University of Tokyo's Earthquake Research Institute, the seabed at Isoshima Fishing Port has risen by an estimated 4.1 meters.

Where waves once broke, now large rocks lie scattered in place of sandy beaches.

Walking across this area, over 200 meters of the former seabed was exposed.

It became apparent that these large rocks and wave-dissipating blocks now mark the boundary between land and sea.

The uplift has exposed vast stretches of the seabed.

Walking over it, one notices the stranded marine life. Flounders, large octopuses, and various shellfish like turban shells were scattered around. Rows of sea urchins were also visible.

Other sea creatures like starfish and oysters have lost their habitats due to this uplift.

Drone footage revealed another phenomenon: not all areas were exposed, and in some parts, seawater flowed in like rivers.

A local man, who has lived near the Isoshima Fishing Port for about 50 years, shared his observations.

"The boat over there, the only one, it's used for fishing," said the local man, pointing towards what used to be a bay where boats sailed in and out.

"You see the white rock face, right? That used to be the sea," he added.

At this docking site, the sea no longer reaches the land, leaving a dry seabed exposed.

"We have no choice but to give up fishing," the local man lamented.

The uplift of the seabed has severely impacted the fishing industry.

Damage has been confirmed in 58 out of 69 ports in the prefecture, with uplift observed in 15 locations.

The need for swift reconstruction is more urgent than ever.

Source: FNN


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